The choice of wooden door

The door is the nods eyeball pen of the whole decorate after, is home safe. In the full of beautiful things in all kinds of wooden door on the market today, provide people with a larger selection at the same time, also has brought people a lot of confusion, let's analyze the kinds of wooden door let the dear friends have a better choice for the door of his home

Simply from the material, wood door can be divided into: real wood door, solid wood composite door and moulded door

Real wood doorIs drawn from the natural log of the forest to make the door core, through dry processing, cutting, shaving process of science. Finished product door has no deformation, corrosion resistance, good sound-absorbing, etc. At the same time, the natural wood grain texture and color, to advocate return to natural decorate a style of family, is the best choice. The price of real wood door because of the differences among wood materials, texture, etc.

Solid wood composite doorSolid wood composite door door core more adhesive such as pine, fir, or entrance fill material, density board and solid mumupi is stuck outside, after high temperature hot pressing, and solid wood line sealing side, with light weight, not easy to deformation and cracking, sound insulation effect is good, price is moderate. Due to the diversity of the modelling of solid wood composite door, design is rich, or delicate European carve patterns or designs on woodwork, or the spelling a flower of of all kinds of Chinese style classical, modern or fashion, different decoration style of the door to give the vast consumers choice space, therefore also calls the modelling of solid wood door. High-grade solid wood composite door not only has the characteristics of feel is smooth, colour and lustre downy, also very environmental protection, strong and durable.

Moulded doorIs made up of two pieces with the modelling and simulation of wood grain density fiber molded door skin by mechanical pressing. Because price is more economical than real wood door, convenient and safe, and get the favour of middle-income families.

The point of choose and buy

First of all, before they go out basic wooden door is after painting process, it is hard to see from the surface quality of the internal structure of. Consumers should have visibility and reliable manufacturer of choose and buy as far as possible.

Secondly, studied the surface craft. Want to see the film is full, the color is uniform. Good quality wood doors, can be seen from the surface craft and overall quality. Look at door plank whether they are of good flatness, line and surface concave Angle of any paint or leakage flow. Still can look whether the section of the small parts work fine.

Is the final price, the interior door production mechanization and handmade cost is not the same, the internal structure is genuine materials, from the price. So the prices are much lower than those of basic market prices, do not have to consider.